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How to export all members of all groups in a certain OU with PowerShell

This is the script that cost me near 2h of googling on the Internet. What does it do? It exports a list of users with custom given attributes, members of groups in an OU you specify. This script plus some

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How to count how many users a group has, including nested groups

I must admit that i was searching for one hour how to see how many members a given group has, so something like a count of members but also including nested groups. It’s a sweet PowerShell command for you guys

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How to export all members of a group with PowerShell

This is how you can export all members of an Active Directory group, together with some custom attributes like email address, homedirectory, office and check if their account are disabled in AD: Get-QADGroupMember group -SizeLimit 0 | select email,homedirectory,office,AccountIsDisabled,name |

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How to export in CSV all users with special attributes, members of a domain (PowerShell)

Well, this one is really simple: Get-QADUser * -SizeLimit 0 | select name,displayname,email,company,stateorprovince,city,streetaddress,office | Export-Csv C:\temp\ExportUsers.csv You can type Get-QADUser username | select * and all user attributes will be shown on screen. You can insert these attributes in the

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How to install Quest ActiveRoles PowerShell SnapIn

Well, It’s simple. You just use the following link to download: This “Plugin” for PowerShell is one hell of a tool for System Administrators. In order to use it, open PowerShell or PowerShell ISE and load it with: Add-PSSnapin

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