How to count how many users a group has, including nested groups

I must admit that i was searching for one hour how to see how many members a given group has, so something like a count of members but also including nested groups. It’s a sweet PowerShell command for you guys making reports like i do.
Well here it is:

Get-QADGroup group_nam* -SizeLimit 0 | Select-Object Name,@{n='MemberCount';e={ (Get-QADGroupMember -Indirect -SizeLimit 0 $_ | Measure-Object).Count}}

The * (star) before -SizeLimit is telling powershell to apply the command for all groups begging with “group_nam”, so the query is valid for “group_name” but also for “group_name_in_another_location”

By removing the -Indirect statement, you get only the direct members, excluding nested ones (members of other groups, inside given group)


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