Error loading /tools.t00 Fatal error: 10 (Out of resources) – Cisco UCS C240 M3 server with ESXi 5.5

Hi guys (and girls),
Just wanted to let you know that if you get the error message “Error loading /tools.t00 Fatal error: 10 (Out of resources)” when trying to install VMware’s ESXi 5.5 hypervisor on a Cisco UCS C240 M3 SFF rackable server with some GPUs in it, just follow the next steps to fix it:

1. Go to System BIOS (Press F2)
2. PCI configuration > MMCFG
3. Change the value from Auto to 2 GB
4. Change the value of Memory Mapped IO above 4 G to Enabled
5. Save and reboot the system
6. Installation will complete.

2014-02-07_08-02-11_10.113.108.149 - KVM Console

Hopefully you will solve this issue by yourself, not like me, after a couple of days with help from my Cisco technical friends 🙂

Apparently, the error cannot be reproduced on the same system but with no GPUs, as i have it, or on ESXi 5.1. Cisco told me that they’re working with VMware on this one and hopefully they will create a more fashionable way on getting the systems up and running.

Good luck!


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14 comments on “Error loading /tools.t00 Fatal error: 10 (Out of resources) – Cisco UCS C240 M3 server with ESXi 5.5
  1. Bill Shields says:


    Would you be willing to post a link to this blog in the Cisco Communities. It is great info and might help others. The link is



  2. Leo says:

    Thanks for this! I just ran into this problem exactly and it saved me some time.

  3. Ran into this with 5.1 U2 installer on a C240 with NVIDIA GRID cards in it. Booted fine with your workaround. Thanks!

  4. I had the issue upon trying to install 5.1U1a, did you revert the BIOS settings back to default after installation or is it okay to leave them as suggested in the blog post after installation?


  5. Michel says:

    you saved our day! Although we have dual-wired setting via a BIOS policy buthad to change it manually on 14 servers. This setting is not part of the BIOS policy. BTW the LFF model has same issue

  6. ganesh says:

    we were not able to find the pci configuration on bios we struggling for three hours.

  7. will says:

    When applying the above mentioned settings…my C240 can no longer see the external cd/dvd rom being used to load esxi. thoughts?

  8. Greg says:

    Thanks for this. It saved my bacon. I was upgrading a Cisco UCS C240 M3S from ESXi 5.0 to ESXi 6.0 and ran into this issue. The fix worked perfectly.

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