Amazon WorkSpaces Windows Client Registration service

I normally use for work at least 2 physical devices so I’m not affected too much about any hardware or software malfunction.

I work with a lot of customers and I’m using my personal devices for work, so I always get into trouble. Luckily, I know somebody doing IT which helps me from time to time 🙂


It was the case also for the Amazon WorkSpaces Client which for some days, didn’t wanted to register with the AWS WorkSpace that I had configured, showing an error for Registration service in the service checks window. It always told me to check my internet connection although that my Internet connection was running fine.

I also checked and re-checked firewall rules but still no luck, until this small issue was a challenge already 🙂



I got this issue fixed by going to my user profile and deleting the Amazon WorkSpaces config folder.

To do this, go to:

1. Close the Amazon WorkSpaces client

2. Open Explorer and go to:

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Amazon Web Services\

3. Make a copy of the Amazon WorkSpaces folder and delete it afterwards

4. Open the Amazon WorkSpaces client and configure the client with your WorkSpace info

5. Enjoy the easy fix!





Victor an End User Computing Consultant. You find him most of the time on Twitter (@01004753) but also on LinkedIn evangelizing new technologies and processes that can change in good, the world we live in. Victor has expertise in Server & Client Virtualization, Client Management, GPU Virtualization, HyperConvergence and Enterprise Security

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